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Monday, October 1, 2012

Brazil Economy 6th Best, Above UK

In 2011 Brazil's economy faired higher than the UK, and ranked 6th largest in the world, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and the Centre for Economics and Business Research. This news announced by the Brazil Finance Minister despite forecasts and a decrease in economic growth. Brazil joins United States, China, Japan, Germany and France as the world's biggest economies according to the UK's online source The Guardian. Brazil's President, Dilma Rousseff and her staff have implemented lower taxes and raised the minimum wage, in an effort to boost economic growth. But with a 4.6 decrease in the economy's growth from 2010 to 2011, the country is optimistic as it plays host to the 2014 World Cup as well as the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Read more: http://www.voxxi.com/brazils-economy-overtakes-the-uk-quicknews/#ixzz286WD6JVs

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am glad I had Emergency Surgery in Colombia!

Tuesday, September 28 was day four of my visit in the Clinica de Hospital. I began dreaming of how wonderful the hospital breakfast would taste as it was wheeled down the hall and delivered to everyone else. I only had 15 hours sleep since being admitted, and counting the two days at home before admission I was growing weak without eating and drinking for 6 days. Because of the horrendous constant pain, I hardly noticed the hunger pangs. Ice chips would have been nice but were not offered. My only complaint during this entire 9 day stay would be bring on the ice chips. The doctors checked with me every morning and evening, and this morning they had ordered a tomography. The test was quick and I was more than happy to drink the two cups of contrast medium down. It was the absolute best barium and iodine I had ever enjoyed. I highly reccommend it if you have completely food and liquid fasted for 6 days and nights.
Pain PaIN PAIN!!!!!! I could not tolerate it. Medievel torture may come close to describing it. The constant stabbing from the side and back of my upper abdomen made every move agonizing, every position sitting or standing unbearable. That afternoon, Dr. A, my English speaking Urologist explained my test results. The collection was a 10 cm mass on my kidney. It was blocking half my large intestine, and they recommended a further test involving a puncture to obtain a biopsy. He explained the possible results ranging from a cyst to a malignant tumor. I refused to allow that word to even be considered. I seriously explained to everyone it was not allowed to be mentioned, because I did not want to speak it into existence. My dear, amazing Mommy in Pennsylvania was so worried she hadn't been eating or sleeping either. Thank you to her wonderful partner Carl who had the wisdom to have a doctor prescribe her anti-anxiety medication. As for my Daddy in Ecuador, he planned to immediately fly in to see me. His concern for me elevated his blood pressure and along with the headaches, his doctor recommended he not travel. Both my parents expressed feelings of helpless and fear. It was the first time I felt afraid through this process. Knowing my parents, my pillars of strength, my mentors, my caregivers and creators were terrified, was my low point. I cried so long and hard, from this mental anguish and physical pain I was given the highest allowed dose of morphine. I slept two hours before I was in pain again. I remember asking God several times if my life was really meant to continue. About that moment he would send a bird singing to me, or a child laughing down the hall, or a staff member with a smile coming to see how I was. My sleep deprived and distraught husband and I hardly slept that night. I began to look forward to the procedure tomorrow, even with my surgery phobia. Just a puncture. It did not even sound good.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latin America draws Millennials and Baby Boomers

More and more Americans, especially the 'Baby Boomer' retirees are rethinking and relocating to Central and South America, and never looking back! With considerations such as difference in language, away from family and friends, and cultural contrasts, it must have a great deal of advantages. Here are a few from latinworld.com.:
-Cost of living is much lower. From rent/housing to food and services, you can expect around half what you spend in the US. Maids, security, and groundskeepers are an affordable amenity and are appreciative and hardworking.
-Stress free and relaxed way of life. In Ecuador, they told us "relax", and in Panama "take it easy". Here in Colombia, its "no problem". They actually tell you to be "tranquilo", a gentle reminder of where you are, and are not! Siesta, a two hour lunch break to eat and nap off your meal a bit before returning to the grind is taken very seriously! Well, that's probably the only thing that is!
-Unique natural environments. Each country offers a variety of Eco-scapes to choose from. Icy glaciers in Chile, Rain forests in Colombia, World class surf in Ecuador, Shopping in Panama, Offshore deep sea fishing in Costa Rica. These are just the activities I have recently ventured to. You'll easily find your favorites. latinworld.com covers tons of info and questions for newbies.
-Fiestas, Fiestas, Fiestas!! Here in Colombia, almost every other Monday is a national holiday. At Christmas, schools have a six week break and another break for summer. Nightlife and clubbing is very common in even the smallest towns, and starts when you get on the bus-lights, music, beverages, all can be enjoyed as your riding to your fave hot spot!
-Business and Investor Ready. Many governments foresee the trends already happening and have implemented fewer laws and less requirements for prospective business owners and investors. Panama has opened its borders allowing foreign nationals an "Immediate Permanent Resident" status. Find more info at sovereign-investor.com.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

American Medical Tourism Rep Undergoes Emergency Surgery in Colombia


Three days after surgery
I was admitted on Saturday, August 25. I had not eaten for two days and only sipped water and broth. The pain had increased from about a 6 (scaling from 1 to 10) to about an 8 overnight. Doctors and nurses checked on me about every 2 hours, and added severe dehydration to my symptoms. My lips and mouth were completely white from what everyone said-mirrors were not in my vocabulary at that point. That weekend was one I wish never to relive. Before the pain medication wore off, I was literally crying in agony. The doctors were not certain about my diagnosis and mentioned several ranging from kidney stones to a bowel obstruction. All equally as frightening and painful to me. Finally Monday arrived and I was quickly taken to get a sonogram. Although four very pregnant women were waiting ahead of me, I was taken right away to the exam table. The technician was as gentle as he could be, and when he captured the image of a large mass at the top left of my abdomen, he showed it to me on the screen. He didn't make me wait hours for the doctors to read the results and share the same information. Although I was shocked and disturbed, the tech was comforting and assured me I had the best team of physicians working on my case. Everyone shared this same sentiment with my husband and I, and it was true as we soon realized. But the waiting game wore on all of us. My family in the states and my father in Ecuador grew concerned as my pain severity was evident over the phone. My husband was staying strong for all of us but after weeks of seeing me in pain he could not sleep or eat.
Which made two of us. I was not even allowed water so of course it was all I thought about. Watching the Food Network was definitely out. Sleeping came about an hour and a half at a time until the pain woke me. I wrote in broken Spanish to Ledys, my favorite nurse, I never experienced pain this severe in my entire 44 years. And I have given birth 3 times naturally. My youngest was born 9 1/2 pounds. I am about 5'4" and 125 lbs. Yea, I know what pain is.

Monday, September 24, 2012

CNN: Latin America is the Future

The Mellennials are targeting Central and South Ameria for good reasons. They see a future full of prosperity, in countries changing policies to entice potential businesses as well as implementing changes in elementary school curriculum's teaching different levels of English classes. Governments welcome tourism and many have strategic marketing and advertising in place to familiarize and promote their countrysides. As we have seen here in Colombia, the reasons are many. And like their slogan says, "The only risk is wanting to stay". Its true. I am proof!
Find the article at this link- just click on it. --->>http://business.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/14/millennial-david-lloyd-why-the-future-is-latin/?hpt=ila_r1

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colombia Now Third Largest Latin American Economy, Second in South America

Colombia has surpassed Argentina and is now Latin America’s third largest economy according to outgoing Finance Minister Juan Carlos Echeverry.  It means the country is third in the region behind Brazil and Mexico having overtaken oil rich Venezuela two years ago.  ‘Colombia is going forward with great momentum. We are doing well and moving forward,’ the minister said. ‘I can make the announcement that I retire leaving the Colombian economy as the second biggest in South America, and the third largest in Latin America,’ Echeverry declared.  According to Latin American experts it is Brazil and Colombia that are receiving the most interest from multi-national companies keenly looking to Latin America for business.

Wall Street Journal Calls Colombia "New Latin American Tigers"

According to the Wall Street Journal, Colombia's improvement of security conditions in the past years has been conclusive for the outstanding increase in foreign capital investment in the country.  The recently published article in the Wall Street Journal Americas, one of the most influencing economic media worldwide, has ranked Colombia and Peru as the “new Latin American tigers”, countries that given their current economic conditions, have become the new core for foreign investment in the region.  For more information check out Colombia's Proexport website.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Someca Dentistry Clinics Partners With Primo MedTour

Someca Logo

Frederick Siller, President of Primo MedTour and Travel, S.A., announced today its partnership with Someca Clinicas Odontologicas, a full service, well established dental clinic with 4 offices in Barranquilla and Santa Marta, Colombia.   With over 25 years experience, Someca Doctors and staff are fully trained with the latest technology and committed to the quality standards necessary for optimal service and patient comfort.   State of the art, sterile facilities and excellent tech dental equipment combined with caring and certified personnel providing the highest standard in dentistry care from braces to 24 hour emergency services.
On a personal note, my wife has had excellent results with her dental implant procedure.  We plan on proceeding with dental veneers for both of us, as well as replacement of silver fillings to white.  We will post pictures of our new 'Hollywood' smiles very soon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Frederick Siller Named President Primo Travel

Subject: Primo Vacations Expansion Announcement
From the Desk Of Rob Hannley, President Primo Vacations
June 8, 2012
Corporate Announcement and Central / South American Expansion
Hello Paola,
I hope your summer is already beginning to shape to be the best one you've ever had. For us, it absolutely is as we're now experiencing unprecedented growth.
We're daily bringing on more new members to Primo than ever before.We're crushing all other opportunities out there and many of you are daily stuffing your pockets with $500 commissions (or more).  I LOVE that.
Today, I'm writing about expansion in a unique part of the world.  Primo is a worldwide opportunity but is absolutely exploding in Central and South America and attracting some very large leaders with large groups and marketing arms.
I'd like to introduce to you, just such an individual. A leader among leaders who is facilitating our growth South of the border.
His name is Frederick Siller and because of our expansion into Central and South America, effective immediately, I am naming him President of Primo Vacations Central and South America.
We have plans in process now for a transition of Primo into Spanish, but this has not been a barrier in any way for Fred as our growth is now compounding.
Medical Tourism is all the rage in Central and South America, particularly where Fred and his beautiful wife live. Its the epicenter and it opens a whole new market up for an already enormous, 7 Trillion dollar a years pace.
Attached is Fred's bio. Please take a moment to look it over and see why we're so excited to have him and his leaders on board.
I've said from the beginning, if you like Primo now, you're going to LOVE it later.
Welcome Fred! Its great to have you on board!!!
More to come,
Rob Hannley President, Primo Vacations
Frederick Siller- President, Primo Vacations Central and South America
BIO: Frederick Siller has extensive accolades of experience and talents as a professional Personal Mentor, International Public Speaker, and Direct Sales /Closing Coach for over 24 years. From early beginnings as an Insurance Agent, his success allowed him to single-handily acquire and restructure Southern Casualty Insurance to 10 agent offices through Central and Northern Florida, serving as President, mentor, and trainer for over 50 associates while titled Brokering Agent for 30 major insurance companies.
As a multi-million dollar producer by the age of 23, his decision to improve his quality of life by transferring business from office to home proved to be a pioneering, faith-based but a very correct decision for Fred. His team launched several profitable start-ups in the home-based industry that went on to be very successful and continue to do so. His advertising and marketing departments grew attention from the Motivational Speakers he admired and learned from in his younger years, and with his flourishing online network showing exponential growth, he accepted an offer to travel and speak along side his teachers and mentors across the country and the world-another dream accomplished by the age of 27
 He has since been on stage with many mentors and coaches in the Home-Based Industry such as Ellie Drake, Jeffrey Combs and Anthony Robbins. Audiences of 1000's would leave with a tremendous sense of energy, desire, determination, and motivation for their team. Fred was asked to Personally Mentor on a daily basis and changed many lives professionally and personally. Presidents and leaders such as Doctors, Lawyers, Marketers and Homemakers reached out to Fred for career and success strategies as he continued Speaking Publicly.
He is considered a serious global force in sales marketing, advertising, and team building and continues his passion of personal mentoring and speaking. His charisma and catalyst in speaking paired with his resources and keen awareness on motivation and success are unmatched.
 Joining as President of Primo Vacations for Central and South America is the challenging endeavor he's desired for many years. His unfailing belief in both the Opportunity and the Latin Culture are in alignment for unprecedented success whose time has come. This will also create a massive wave effect for Europe, Asia and beyond.
Fred has chosen to take the message and action of Fair Travel and Medical for every person around the Globe.
"Treat each and every not just our own, as Equal and Greater than.", he remarks to the Colombians he knows, and whom now follow him daily. Philanthropy is his passion and practiced each and every day to the 'Samario', the locals who call him Federico and amigo.
Fred brings his energy, fortitude and heart each and every single moment and day of the week as he refers to IT as His Chosen Lifestyle. "To have what I have, You must do what I do"
2831 St Rose Pkwy Suite 301 Henderson, NV89052

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Colombia Wants Your Business-Ranks 3rd in Ease

After the Sixth Summit of the Americas in Cartagena this past April, interest and attention in Colombia continues in multiple segments especially in commodities (coffee, oil, mining), social development, and economic impact worldwide.  As we have found living here, the people are greatly concerned about changing its image with the Western World and the implementing of a conducive business environment is evident.  Doingbusiness.org puts Colombia at #3 in its studies of business regulations ease for its region, giving yet another substantial reason to consider Colombia Now!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colombia Ranks in Top Ten Happiest Places!

The ENTIRE country, not just a city, Quebec, is on the top ten happiest places in the world.  Colombia certainly is making alot of headlines and gaining a favorable reputation.  If you are looking for friendly, appreciative people mixed with a diverse geographical landscape, this country has it all.  This self-sufficient country really is proving to the world its culture, history, and climates have something for everyone.  We have met Canadians and Japanese here, and we all agree-it is true, you never want to leave as their motto says.   Oh, one city in the states also qualifies for obvious reason.  Congrats Happy, Texans.  Find the article at Lonely Planet

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colombia-the next Panama? We think its Better!!!

The Sovereign-Invester is a plethora of info on life outside America.  If you catch the news and see the CHANGE implemented in the states, maybe you have or are considering what we did.  We left.   
Now, as my husband and I have known, another confirms.  Yes, Colombia is the next Panama we believe.  We have lived in both countries and both have advantages, but we prefer Colombia resort life.  I can be reached for questions in regards to our experiences at colombianowpd@gmail.com The info in entirety is found at this link http://sovereign-investor.com/2011/03/28/the-next-panama/
It's not your parents' Colombia!

Panama to Americans-Welcome Home!

If you build it, they will come.  Panama has built it, and Americans are welcome to call it home. From http://sovereign-investor.com/  news just published stating  'In a surprise political move, President Ricardo Martinelli recently signed an order that creates a new category of “Immediate Permanent Resident” for foreign nationals. Executive Order 343, signed on May 16, makes the new category for foreigners from 22 listed countries “that maintain friendly, professional, economic, and investment relationships with the Republic of Panama.” The list includes the United States, and the addition of other countries is anticipated.'
If you are considering changing your lattitude, now is the time.  As a previous California child, Pennsylvania student, and Florida mother, my home is Colombia now.  Hopefully Colombia will be next to open its borders and show the world what they have been missing.  I don't miss it at all!!

Find the entire article at http://sovereign-investor.com/2012/05/30/panama-opens-a-fast-track-to-residency/

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colombia-Happier Than America Twice??

Ever hear of the Happy Planet Index?  Wikipedia sums it up stating "The HPI is based on general utilitarian principles — that most people want to live long and fulfilling lives, and the country which is doing the best is the one that allows its citizens to do so, whilst avoiding infringing on the opportunity of future people and people in other countries to do the same."  As much as the U.S. might think they know of Colombia, it might be time to reconsider.  The Happy Planet Index, Wiki states is "Countries with relatively high levels of life satisfaction, as measured in surveys, are found from the very top (Colombia in 6th place) to the very bottom (the USA in 114th place) of the rank order."  Yes, Colombia has a higher level of life satisfaction than the United States in 2009.  Way back in 2006, Colombia was #2 and the U.S. #150!  Wonder why or how this can be possible? You are at the right place.  Our focus on this blog will cover much more Colombian truths and our experiences living here about 11/2 years (YES WE REALLY DO LOVE IT HERE!!).  This information will be taken from online sources, our own life among the most loving people we have encountered, and what we believe the future to be for Colombians and those who are leaning towards its many resources and opportunities for a "high level of life satisfaction ".  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Planet_Index
Map showing countries shaded by their position in the Happy Planet Index (2006). The highest-ranked countries are bright green; the lowest are brown