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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latin America draws Millennials and Baby Boomers

More and more Americans, especially the 'Baby Boomer' retirees are rethinking and relocating to Central and South America, and never looking back! With considerations such as difference in language, away from family and friends, and cultural contrasts, it must have a great deal of advantages. Here are a few from latinworld.com.:
-Cost of living is much lower. From rent/housing to food and services, you can expect around half what you spend in the US. Maids, security, and groundskeepers are an affordable amenity and are appreciative and hardworking.
-Stress free and relaxed way of life. In Ecuador, they told us "relax", and in Panama "take it easy". Here in Colombia, its "no problem". They actually tell you to be "tranquilo", a gentle reminder of where you are, and are not! Siesta, a two hour lunch break to eat and nap off your meal a bit before returning to the grind is taken very seriously! Well, that's probably the only thing that is!
-Unique natural environments. Each country offers a variety of Eco-scapes to choose from. Icy glaciers in Chile, Rain forests in Colombia, World class surf in Ecuador, Shopping in Panama, Offshore deep sea fishing in Costa Rica. These are just the activities I have recently ventured to. You'll easily find your favorites. latinworld.com covers tons of info and questions for newbies.
-Fiestas, Fiestas, Fiestas!! Here in Colombia, almost every other Monday is a national holiday. At Christmas, schools have a six week break and another break for summer. Nightlife and clubbing is very common in even the smallest towns, and starts when you get on the bus-lights, music, beverages, all can be enjoyed as your riding to your fave hot spot!
-Business and Investor Ready. Many governments foresee the trends already happening and have implemented fewer laws and less requirements for prospective business owners and investors. Panama has opened its borders allowing foreign nationals an "Immediate Permanent Resident" status. Find more info at sovereign-investor.com.