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Friday, June 8, 2012

Frederick Siller Named President Primo Travel

Subject: Primo Vacations Expansion Announcement
From the Desk Of Rob Hannley, President Primo Vacations
June 8, 2012
Corporate Announcement and Central / South American Expansion
Hello Paola,
I hope your summer is already beginning to shape to be the best one you've ever had. For us, it absolutely is as we're now experiencing unprecedented growth.
We're daily bringing on more new members to Primo than ever before.We're crushing all other opportunities out there and many of you are daily stuffing your pockets with $500 commissions (or more).  I LOVE that.
Today, I'm writing about expansion in a unique part of the world.  Primo is a worldwide opportunity but is absolutely exploding in Central and South America and attracting some very large leaders with large groups and marketing arms.
I'd like to introduce to you, just such an individual. A leader among leaders who is facilitating our growth South of the border.
His name is Frederick Siller and because of our expansion into Central and South America, effective immediately, I am naming him President of Primo Vacations Central and South America.
We have plans in process now for a transition of Primo into Spanish, but this has not been a barrier in any way for Fred as our growth is now compounding.
Medical Tourism is all the rage in Central and South America, particularly where Fred and his beautiful wife live. Its the epicenter and it opens a whole new market up for an already enormous, 7 Trillion dollar a years pace.
Attached is Fred's bio. Please take a moment to look it over and see why we're so excited to have him and his leaders on board.
I've said from the beginning, if you like Primo now, you're going to LOVE it later.
Welcome Fred! Its great to have you on board!!!
More to come,
Rob Hannley President, Primo Vacations
Frederick Siller- President, Primo Vacations Central and South America
BIO: Frederick Siller has extensive accolades of experience and talents as a professional Personal Mentor, International Public Speaker, and Direct Sales /Closing Coach for over 24 years. From early beginnings as an Insurance Agent, his success allowed him to single-handily acquire and restructure Southern Casualty Insurance to 10 agent offices through Central and Northern Florida, serving as President, mentor, and trainer for over 50 associates while titled Brokering Agent for 30 major insurance companies.
As a multi-million dollar producer by the age of 23, his decision to improve his quality of life by transferring business from office to home proved to be a pioneering, faith-based but a very correct decision for Fred. His team launched several profitable start-ups in the home-based industry that went on to be very successful and continue to do so. His advertising and marketing departments grew attention from the Motivational Speakers he admired and learned from in his younger years, and with his flourishing online network showing exponential growth, he accepted an offer to travel and speak along side his teachers and mentors across the country and the world-another dream accomplished by the age of 27
 He has since been on stage with many mentors and coaches in the Home-Based Industry such as Ellie Drake, Jeffrey Combs and Anthony Robbins. Audiences of 1000's would leave with a tremendous sense of energy, desire, determination, and motivation for their team. Fred was asked to Personally Mentor on a daily basis and changed many lives professionally and personally. Presidents and leaders such as Doctors, Lawyers, Marketers and Homemakers reached out to Fred for career and success strategies as he continued Speaking Publicly.
He is considered a serious global force in sales marketing, advertising, and team building and continues his passion of personal mentoring and speaking. His charisma and catalyst in speaking paired with his resources and keen awareness on motivation and success are unmatched.
 Joining as President of Primo Vacations for Central and South America is the challenging endeavor he's desired for many years. His unfailing belief in both the Opportunity and the Latin Culture are in alignment for unprecedented success whose time has come. This will also create a massive wave effect for Europe, Asia and beyond.
Fred has chosen to take the message and action of Fair Travel and Medical for every person around the Globe.
"Treat each and every not just our own, as Equal and Greater than.", he remarks to the Colombians he knows, and whom now follow him daily. Philanthropy is his passion and practiced each and every day to the 'Samario', the locals who call him Federico and amigo.
Fred brings his energy, fortitude and heart each and every single moment and day of the week as he refers to IT as His Chosen Lifestyle. "To have what I have, You must do what I do"
2831 St Rose Pkwy Suite 301 Henderson, NV89052