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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Colombia Ranks in Top Ten Happiest Places!

The ENTIRE country, not just a city, Quebec, is on the top ten happiest places in the world.  Colombia certainly is making alot of headlines and gaining a favorable reputation.  If you are looking for friendly, appreciative people mixed with a diverse geographical landscape, this country has it all.  This self-sufficient country really is proving to the world its culture, history, and climates have something for everyone.  We have met Canadians and Japanese here, and we all agree-it is true, you never want to leave as their motto says.   Oh, one city in the states also qualifies for obvious reason.  Congrats Happy, Texans.  Find the article at Lonely Planet

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colombia-the next Panama? We think its Better!!!

The Sovereign-Invester is a plethora of info on life outside America.  If you catch the news and see the CHANGE implemented in the states, maybe you have or are considering what we did.  We left.   
Now, as my husband and I have known, another confirms.  Yes, Colombia is the next Panama we believe.  We have lived in both countries and both have advantages, but we prefer Colombia resort life.  I can be reached for questions in regards to our experiences at colombianowpd@gmail.com The info in entirety is found at this link http://sovereign-investor.com/2011/03/28/the-next-panama/
It's not your parents' Colombia!

Panama to Americans-Welcome Home!

If you build it, they will come.  Panama has built it, and Americans are welcome to call it home. From http://sovereign-investor.com/  news just published stating  'In a surprise political move, President Ricardo Martinelli recently signed an order that creates a new category of “Immediate Permanent Resident” for foreign nationals. Executive Order 343, signed on May 16, makes the new category for foreigners from 22 listed countries “that maintain friendly, professional, economic, and investment relationships with the Republic of Panama.” The list includes the United States, and the addition of other countries is anticipated.'
If you are considering changing your lattitude, now is the time.  As a previous California child, Pennsylvania student, and Florida mother, my home is Colombia now.  Hopefully Colombia will be next to open its borders and show the world what they have been missing.  I don't miss it at all!!

Find the entire article at http://sovereign-investor.com/2012/05/30/panama-opens-a-fast-track-to-residency/

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colombia-Happier Than America Twice??

Ever hear of the Happy Planet Index?  Wikipedia sums it up stating "The HPI is based on general utilitarian principles — that most people want to live long and fulfilling lives, and the country which is doing the best is the one that allows its citizens to do so, whilst avoiding infringing on the opportunity of future people and people in other countries to do the same."  As much as the U.S. might think they know of Colombia, it might be time to reconsider.  The Happy Planet Index, Wiki states is "Countries with relatively high levels of life satisfaction, as measured in surveys, are found from the very top (Colombia in 6th place) to the very bottom (the USA in 114th place) of the rank order."  Yes, Colombia has a higher level of life satisfaction than the United States in 2009.  Way back in 2006, Colombia was #2 and the U.S. #150!  Wonder why or how this can be possible? You are at the right place.  Our focus on this blog will cover much more Colombian truths and our experiences living here about 11/2 years (YES WE REALLY DO LOVE IT HERE!!).  This information will be taken from online sources, our own life among the most loving people we have encountered, and what we believe the future to be for Colombians and those who are leaning towards its many resources and opportunities for a "high level of life satisfaction ".  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Planet_Index
Map showing countries shaded by their position in the Happy Planet Index (2006). The highest-ranked countries are bright green; the lowest are brown